Zara Shoes (Lone Black Friday Haul)

I didn’t do much clothes shopping on Black Friday but was happy I checked the Zara website at about 11PM on Thanksgiving day because I picked up a pair of two-tone booties that I have been coveting but had held off on ordering because of its price. I also picked up some other cute sale shoes.

The shoes reviewed here are currently sold out online but you can peruse the rest of the women’s sale here. Sale prices should be honored in stores as well.

Yesterday’s preview was a bit deceptive because I ordered duplicates in two styles…really there were only four styles in all. Zara offers free shipping and free returns – a policy which I will test out with this order. I was really impressed with the shipping speed – I got this order merely a day after placing my order, really impressive considering it was both the weekend AND a holiday.

Combined High Heel Court Shoe – sz 38/7.5 – Pink/Red – was $49.90, on sale for $19.99

Thoughts: I thought the colors were lovely (albeit very Valentine) but I can’t see myself reaching for these often. The 38 fits very well with tights and I think going down a size to 37 would have made them too snug. They came with extra heel tips which is a nice touch.

Status: Being returned; Ultimately, I don’t “need” another pair of fun pumps.

Combined High Heel Court Shoe – sz 38/7.5 – Black/Pink – was $49.90, on sale for $19.99

Thoughts: same issue with the pink/red except for some reason black and pink make me think of stripper heels (what’s wrong with me).

Status: Being returned; I can’t shake the stripper shoes association from my mind.

Combined Platform Ankle Boot – 37/6.5 & 38/7 – navy/navy suede – was $129, now $49.99

Thoughts: I ordered both size 37 and 38 because I was not sure what size I was in Zara shoes. I loved them even though the sole was a bit slippery. 37 fits too tightly when I wear boot socks. The navy on navy suede combo is interesting and a welcome addition to my shoe family.

Status: Keeping size 38 because I don’t plan to ever wear them without wearing socks.

Combined Platform Ankle Boot – 37/6.5 & 38/7 – camel/black – was $129, now $49.99

Thoughts: These were the booties that I have wanted for weeks and I was so excited when I saw that they were included in the Black Friday sale. The fit and concept are the same as the navy/navy suede pair from earlier. I love love love love love them!

Status: Keeping size 38; so tempted to keep 37 as well but I am trying to be rational this holiday season.

Did you agree with my decisions?

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