Sartorial Bucket List #1 : Theory Gratian Jacket + Joanie Skirt in Lecture

A perfect tweed suit has always been high on my priority list but finding the right material and style isn’t always easy.

I should preface this post by saying that in no way am I advocating that you go out, buy a seriously oversized skirt suit, and beg your favorite tailor to take it in five sizes. I would imagine that in seven out of ten cases the end result would not justify the amount of trouble you went through to get it there. I did this because I have really wanted this particular skirt suit and nothing else I have looked at enticed me as much as it does.

Edit: I forgot to include this tidbit, which may explain the cost. I had called about six other tailors and about a dozen drycleaners with tailoring service in the area before I made my decision. Everyone I talked to turned me away and refused to tailor the blazer, saying that they don’t alter more than two sizes. 

Cost of Alterations: $250
Time: One Week
Original size: 10
Work: Slim sleeves/Sides, Contoured in the front for blazer (lined); Slim + Hem Skirt (unlined).

Things that are altered this drastically are never “perfect” but the result was good enough for me at the time of my last fitting. I would’ve preferred that the shoulders be taken in more but the seamstress insisted that it wasn’t necessary and would only add to my cost.

Here’s how the size 10 fit me. 

I took these pictures a few weeks ago but was quite disappointed with them (took too few shots because it was so cold that day). I was holding out for a nicer day to retake them but with the sun setting so early now it’s hard to find time.

In looking at these pictures I wish I had stood my ground and insisted that the skirt be taken in more and the length shortened. It was one of those instances where the mirror lied.

I also wished I didn’t let the seamstress pressure me into NOT altering the shoulders. sigh, so many rookie mistakes.

I think more alterations may be in order, especially for the skirt. The seamstress who worked on this skirt suit, while talented, charges a bit more than what I am used to so I had a bit of sticker shock after I handed over my credit card.

I admit I acted recklessly when it came to this suit but now that the dust has settled I am glad I did it, if only for the experience. I think the experience has discouraged me from thinking that with enough alterations even a tent can look beautiful. I suppose the possibility is always there, but I am not ready to pay the price.

Lastly, some better pictures of the same suit on Alterations Needed, Extra Petite, and Diary of a Shopper (whose alterations came out much nicer).

(In case you are wondering about the sudden changes in tone throughout this post, I wrote it intermittently over several weeks time so I’ve had a chance to let the initial excitement sink in and the reality of what I did hit me.)

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