(A Lazy Girl’s) Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys

I am great (if I may say so myself) at buying myself gifts but generally clueless when it comes to buying other people gifts. I especially struggle with buying gifts for men because I haven’t figured out why they don’t like poofy dresses in the color pink.

Luckily, I only have to shop for three men this year: my dad, my brother, and J, the boyfriend.

For dad, I bought a TUMI briefcase (similar here) and a pair of gloves from Banana Republic. He makes much more than I do so he’ll forgive me for being stingy.

My older brother is possibly the worst person to shop for. Next to me, of course. He has a tough exterior (even though he is just a big softy on the inside) so he never admits to liking anything that anyone gets him (but I know he still has those two little stuffed piggies I bought him in seventh grade). In any case, I never know what to get him so I decided to just redeem all my rewards points (don’t ask me how much I had to spend to get these) and shower him with Amazon gift cards (in $25 denominations to make the gift feel more substantial). You are welcome, older bro.

For J, I got a Vineyard Vines tie from their college collection and a few work shirts. J loves our alma mater but due to current budget constraints (he’s doing a fellowship now and will be back in school again soon) his wardrobe budget is virtually non-existent. He appreciates my efforts to dress him and I like the excitement of shopping.

We scored this crisp white Ralph Lauren shirt from TJMaxx for about $30

What did you get your (male) loved ones this holiday season?

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