Forever 21 for Hello Kitty (ootd feat. the HK Tunic Sweater)

I haven’t been this excited about a collaboration in a VERY long time maybe ever. I am one of those hopelessly devoted fans of Hello Kitty. I keep my obsession under wraps for the most part but wanted to share what I purchased with you.

I heard about this collection almost two months ago and since then have been plotting my purchase (complete with a list that was two pages long but since pared down once rationality returned).

My friends are mostly of the garden variety “UGH-WHY-DO-YOU-LIKE-HELLO-KITTY-IT-DOESN’T-EVEN-HAVE-A-MOUTH-WHAT-ARE-YOU-FIVE-YEARS-OLD” type. So I’ll be channeling my endless enthusiasm on here (don’t worry, I’ll warn you in the title).

I bought nearly half of the collection by the end of the launch and ended up keeping only ten items (some will be gifts). My favorite item from the collection is the pussybow blouse seen below, I’ve only worn it twice in the last week and while it’s cute, it doesn’t scream prepubescence (or does it?)

Ad some items I ended up returning because of their sheer ridiculousness on me. I really wanted to love the maxi but it didn’t love me back.

And onto the actual outfit, this tunic sweater is one of my favorite pieces from the collection and I wear it around the house because of how much I currently enjoy it.

F21 tunic + bracelets, AT Factory Jacket, Pretty Polly tights (with pearls),and Dolce Vita Shoes

Happy Monday!

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