OOTD & Thanksgiving

We were blessed with good weather over the weekend so I was able to run around town without a jacket for the better part of my days. I am still in love with my Ann Taylor cuff and wear it all the time because I find it wildly entertaining.

J. Crew Cardigan, H&M Skirt (similar), Chinese Laundry Tights, Corso Como Boots (also here), and Ann Taylor Cuff

My brother, the adventurous cook in the family, made caramel custard pudding and fed me the ugliest one of the bunch (sibling love). I don’t think he’s figured out how to detach the pudding from the mold without causing cosmetic damage yet, does anyone have any tips?

And my dad, who cooks as often as my mom does (once in a blue moon), got this new skillet for Black Friday and fell in love. Here he is making some odd combo for dinner.

And some gratuitous shots of the beast. I am not the biggest fan of turkey so I took a few bites, set down my fork, and proceeded to devour my real dinner (half a gallon of ice cream, what what). No one in my family genuinely likes turkey (but we had one because my mom treats cooking like a game) so bf (the least picky eater of the bunch) ate this 15 pound bird by himself.

And, I finally went to Mad for Chicken! In a previous post I lamented the lack of korean fried chicken in Connecticut and Jen from Complex Cardigans recommended Mad for Chicken in Flushing, which is like a second home for me considering how often I go. I must have driven past this place a million times before but the store blends in so well with its surroundings that I’ve never noticed it. To be honest I still like Bon Chon better only because I find Bon Chon’s sauces to be ever so slightly sweeter.

Battle of fried chicken…my brother prefers Popeye’s and I like the lightness of korean fried chicken better. How do you like your fried chicken?

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