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I love running, it’s one of those instant mood changers that is horribly addictive. I turned 25 earlier this year (still pretty young by most standards) but already feel old in my body. I started to experience joint and ankle pains from years of high-heel-wearing and running with bad form and have been trying to learn a less strenuous and less taxing running form without reducing mileage. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think the right shoes necessarily prevent injuries or alleviate existing issues so it was kind of a reaffirmation reading this New York Times article about barefoot running and how it may be better for you.

Being the idiot that I am (e.g. rando: touch the fire; me: oh, ok), I immediately hopped on my treadmill and did my daily eight-miler barefoot without making any modifications to my existing trot. To be honest the first three were pretty novel and I felt light on my feet. I hit a roadblock halfway through and once I lost that initial bounce all I can think about was…I hope I get calluses soon because the bottom of my feet do not love repeat contact with the rugged surface of the rotating belt.

I am by no means a particularly good runner or plan to take it more seriously than I do now, but self-improvement is always in the back of my mind. I am rather blessed in that I am built somewhat lightweight so years of improper running form (I am a bit of heel striker) didn’t take as large a toll on me as it could have but after putting on a solid 15 pounds in college I took up distance running because I never quite adjusted to the extra weight and sprinting made me feel sluggish instead of awesome.

The NYT article referenced earlier is to be taken with a grain of salt. I would typically rip apart an article that is written with “facts”and “data” that is manipulated or deceiving but it did resonate with me. I think the biggest takeaway from the article is that running form is paramount to injury prevention and learning to run properly is more important than that pair of brand new Nike’s that you saw in the ad that promises superhuman speed and lightness.

And the weakest part of my writing (some bottoms are deeper than others) is the ending so I’ll just fade out…since I am not really sure what the point of this incoherent babble is.

And look…outfit! This dress gets so little love from me so I decided to bring it out for a dinner date.

D&G Dress, J. Crew Necklace & Bracelet, F21 Bracelets, and Pura Lopez Shoes

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