Get a $50 Hautelook Gift Voucher for $17.50

I love sample sales as much as the next girl but please google the item you have in your cart before you hit the “buy” button. I think this NYT article sheds some light on how the urgency of checking out can sometimes cloud judgment.

That said, I’ve found many terrific deals through online sample sale sites so I’ll continue to buy through them. I also love “score” stories so if you have ever purchased items at super discounts or bought hard-to-find items through sample sale websites, please share!

The Deal:

1) $50 Hautelook (referral) Gift Voucher for $25 via Plum District (Referral) – final cost $17.50 with $5 sign up credit and 10% discount “FABULOUS

2) Or, use 25OFF50HL for $25 off purchases of $50 and more on Hautelook (referral; no extra purchase necessary). This deal is only slightly worse. With the Plum District deal domestic shipping is essentially free. This code is courtesy of Extra Petite. This deal expires 11/13/2012.

The sad part is the two codes are not stackable. If you have extra time I would obviously recommend the first method. The gift voucher expires 02/08/2012 so if you shop Hautelook with any kind of frequency, this is a deal that you shouldn’t miss.

I picked up a large cashmere scarf for $50.45 ($22.95 + $17.50 (Plum District deal) + $10 store credit).

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