Burberry Mottram Trench : Post Alterations

After much thought, I decided to take my Burberry trench to the boutique for alterations a few weeks ago. It was not an easy decision because the original fit wasn’t horrible but the sleeve length bothered me after I looked at pictures taken for an earlier post.

Burberry Trench, Stamgirl Dress, Spanx Tights c/o FP giveaway, Pour la Victoire Pumps, and Chanel Bag

I didn’t encounter much resistance from the store associate who helped me after I expressed my willingness to pay for the necessary alterations. Their colleagues in my local store, on the other hand, dissuaded me from seeking changes at every turn. I am not sure why there is this much diversity in opinion but would encourage anyone who’s interested in this trench to insist on doing things your way because SA’s have their own agenda. It’s important to stand your ground.

The cost to slim the sleeves and the torso was $85 and sleeve shortening was $35. I thought the price was reasonable especially because my go-to seamstress was going to charge me twice as much for the same procedure. Sleeve shortening is included with most boutique purchases and depending on the store varying degrees of alterations may be complimentary.

I tried on a similar style from the Burberry Brit line recently. The fit in size 2 is slimmer than the Mottram from the London line. The color is more “honey” than the light trench color of the Mottram and the length is slightly longer. I may have had a change of heart. Who says I can’t have two trenches in my life? I kid I kid. But should anything (heaven forbid) happen to my Mottram I already know what I’ll turn to.

And I had the chance to try on a size 0 in stores recently. To be honest I didn’t really note of any real difference between the size 2 and the size 0 except for the length. I briefly considered asking for an exchange but since both would require alterations the longer size 2 made sense for me.

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