Sartorial Bucket List # 5 : Burberry London Mottram Trench

Kate Moss in Burberry, Vogue

My love affair with Burberry trenches started early–who can forget Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? But it was Kate Moss shilling for the brand that finally did me in. 

Burberry, being an elite fashion house, naturally prices their trenches appropriately (not impossible but not chump change either) and I struggled with myself for years before finally giving in.

My first choice for a Burberry trench is this knotted trench from the Spring 2010 collection but at $2795 I had to distance myself from it.

Liu Wen in Burberry Prorsum Duchesse Silk Knotted Epaulette Trench Coat via coolspotters

After ruling out many gorgeous trenches from the Prorsum line because of their retail value and many other trenches from the London and Brit lines because of fit, I decided that the Mottram Trench (also known as the Raglan Sleeve Poplin Trench) from the Burberry London line is stylistically the most flattering trench for me.

The size 2 (UK size 4) fits well. In a perfect world the sleeves would be quite a bit slimmer and shorter and the torso more fitted but I don’t have any serious complaints.

Burberry Trench, Ann Taylor Blouse, Gap Jeans, and Butter Pumps

Not sure if I’ll ever wear it open but this is how it looks.

I did notice while doing research that Burberry started carrying size 0’s. I thought size 2 was the smallest size they made (the petite line is very limited in style and I’ve only seen it at Nordstrom’s). The Short Trench Coat and the Short Cotton Trench Coat both come in size 0 online but according to Burberry SA’s the size 0 trenches are not available in the US, only in “Asian countries.” It is apparently 2″ smaller all around so I am very intrigued.

Petite friend Jen (5’2) said that boutiques in big cities carry size 0’s (so the size 0 is by no means limited to “Asian countries.” She purchased her Mottram Trench at the San Francisco store. She is around my size and said that the size 0 fits her very well with only slight slimming required.

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