Petite Fashion Challenge #11 – “Vacation Vogue”

I am a firm believer in “haste makes waste” but still struggle with making deadlines (even when it comes to blogging). I again waited until the very last day to pull something together. 

I actually really like this month’s vacation-themed challenge, hosted by Alli at Ski Petite, but kept postponing the brainstorming and photo-taking process because I haven’t been on vacation in forever and I lacked imagination.

Here are the guidelines of the challenge:

Put together an outfit made for sightseeing. It should be one that will be comfortable for walking around in and can last you from the early morning until dinner and drinks in the evening. Plus, you’re on vacation, so you’d better make sure you look good in photos, which you’ll have for years to come.
You can choose just one outfit but vary it by adding or taking off layers or accessories to take you from the a.m. to the p.m. and make one outfit easier to last through the day.

Don’t forget to read all the entries on Ski Petite.

I started off with a simple white button down, shorts and low heels for the “day” look.

Ralph Lauren Shirt, Forever 21 Shorts, and Ann Taylor Pumps

And a dressier jacket (I want to highlight this Ann Taylor Lady Tweed Jacket, it’s currently 50% off in stores and as of last weekend still available in several stores via Store Finders) and tights take me to dinner and drinks.

Ralph Lauren Shirt, Ann Taylor Jacket, Forever 21 Shorts, and Ann Taylor Pumps

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