H&M Red Duffle Coat

Red is one of my favorite colors – I love it both as a standalone piece and also as an accent. After acquiring my fall-perfect red blazer my mind quickly wandered over to finding a red coat that will help me combat those chilly autumn mornings.

I had walked past this H&M red duffle coat on several occasions and had not even bothered to try it on because of the material. Out of sheer boredom two weeks ago I decided to try on some coats for fun and ended up liking the details of this particular coat enough to take it home with me to dwell on some more. I ended up keeping it.

This coat has zippers, toggles, and snap fastener buttons which I found interesting. The size 2 fits me a little tightly when I wear multiple layers but the size 4 had sleeves that were too long so I decided to go with the size 2.

The H&M one is a pretty good value for the style which seems to be rather popular among retailers this season. I really love how the coat is styled in the Tommy Hilfiger ad.

Topshop / Tommy Hilfiger / ASOS Kookai

And I wanted to post these pictures for my Hunter Rain Boots because last time I wrote about my pink ones I erroneously thought they were somehow smaller than the green ones (untrue).

They are both 16 inches tall and measure 15 inches around the widest part. I wouldn’t call them “petite” friendly or “slim calves” friendly but they work for me because I like tall boots (less splash zone since I like to stomp around in the rain) and because my calves are wide-ish (13-13.5 inch).

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