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I don’t talk about my vision problems often but I am blind as a bat. While that’s a slight exaggeration, I am pretty near-sighted and will need my eyeglasses to see smaller texts more than three feet away. In any case, when I was contacted by a few months ago to do a review of their products, I couldn’t refuse.

I ordered two pairs of prescription glasses to try and was more than pleased with the quality of the products.

I think one of the niftiest features of GlassesUSA is their “Try-It Mirror” where you can upload a mugshot of yourself and play around with all of the glasses available through GlassesUSA before you actually order glasses.

I own two pairs of glasses which I paid an arm and a leg for before I ordered from GlassesUSA. While they are easily the best (and most essential) items in my possession, I do sometimes feel that I’ve overspent on them.The glasses available through GlassesUSA are much more affordable even when they are designer. GlassesUSA also has an 110% lowest price guarantee which eliminates the concern that you’ll find the glasses elsewhere for less.

I ordered the Rafi Gunmetal glasses and the Charm glasses with prescription. The prescriptions glasses can be customized – single vision (distance or reading) or Progressive. The glasses can also be ordered as “fashion” glasses which is without prescription. You can also customize the glasses with different properties. I don’t like the feel of heavy glasses so I opted for the “thin and lite” material which is a small but completely worthwhile adder. And since I use my glasses mainly when I need to drive I also added anti-scratch, UV-protective coating and anti-scratch coating protection to my glasses (the three layers of protection can be ordered as a bundle for additional savings).

GlassesUSA kindly offered a few discount codes for readers of this blog. Use code TRANS25 for $25 off any order of glasses with transitions lenses or use code BLOG10 and take 10% off any order. You can also become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for exclusive discounts.

Disclaimer: I received a gift certificate from GlassesUSA to try their glasses and paid the difference. All of the opinions expressed here are my own.

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