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As promised, more comparison photos of my ASOS order. I would do these in one fell swoop but it’s kind of demoralizing trying on things that fit poorly. I haven’t had the best luck with ASOS recently.

ASOS Chiffon Sleeveless Pussy Bow Blouse – Regular UK6/US2
Material Composition – body: 100% Viscose; mesh: 100% Polyester

Measurements – 21″ in length, 18″ from underarm to underarm

Thoughts: Returned. The color isn’t very flattering on me. I am undecided about the gray.

ASOS Ruffle Placket Blouse – Regular US2/UK6 – Nude
Material Composition: 100% Polyester
Thoughts: I really loved how it looked in the stock photos but in real life it’s a loose shapeless mess. Returning this.

ASOS Ruffle Placket Blouse – Regular US2/UK6 – Harvest Gold
Material Composition: 100% Polyester
Thoughts: I like this color a lot and it could’ve filled the void left by the Ann Taylor Silk Trench Shirt but the fit was way off.

ASOS Cropped Pussy Bow Blouse – Regular US2/UK6 – Nude
Material Composition: 100% viscose (body); 100% polyester (tie)
Thoughts: I like that it’s a super cropped fit (which girls with short torso’s would benefit from; I personally have a long torso so it’ll require some styling to not look off) but it’s still really expensive for what it is. Maybe at $10ish dollars I’ll reorder.

I also couldn’t figure out how to get it on. It was incredibly confusing.

Nishe Lace Bodysuit With Jewel Embellished Collar – Regular US4/UK8
Composition: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester
Thoughts: I like that it comes with a cotton “slip but it’s really long and still really expensive even after the 20% discount. I think if the price goes down to the $40 range I would order again to keep and further scrutnize.

I was going to just withhold this picture but thought it illustrated best how this bodysuit fits. The length is way too long and what should’ve been the crotch area extended to halfway down the length of my shorts. 

Click on the following pictures if you see something you like, I’ve linked them to the corresponding item on the ASOS website. Let me know if I made a mistake in here somewhere. Thanks!

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