OOTD: The most common commodity in this country is unrealized potential

 The most common commodity in this country is unrealized potential – Calvin Coolidge

Full on pant suits are not really my style (if I can go to work everyday looking like Cinderella post transformation, I would) but as a “working adult woman” it’s almost an inescapable part of the experience. I kind of like them from time to time, when they are fun and not at all business-like.

I got this Theory pant suit nearly a year ago. I tried on the double breasted jacket first and was smitten. And I don’t buy a Theory jacket without taking home the pant/skirt separate too even if the “pants,” in this case, are casual capris. My rationale? Even if the purchase is a flop, I’ll still have to wear them from time to time when work calls for it.

So after the initial excitement sunk in (aka ripping off all the tags and sleeping in it), it’s pretty obvious to me that I can’t, with any seriousness, be wearing denim suits a la Justin Timberlake to the uber serious business meetings in which I try to not-look-like-a-fifteen-year-old.

So here I am, wearing the set together for the first time since I bought it. My heart aches a little every time I see it hanging unworn in my closet. After all, unrealized potential is as good as a failed attempt.

Theory Jacket & Pants, J. Crew top, Stuart Weitzman shoes

And some eye candy from the new Aritzia lookbook.

Photo Credit: Aritzia

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