Extreme Alterations: Talbots Tweed Sheath Dress

Excuse the blurry nighttime pictures. Bf did the best he could with my D40 (looking to upgrade in the very near future; suggestions welcome!).

The dress worn here was originally a size 10 dress from Talbots that I asked an etsy artist to re-craft for me. She had to do A LOT of work to get it down to its current size and since the exchange was done by mail I didn’t have the opportunity to try it on before she put on the finishing touches. I am not 100% happy with the result (it’s still about a size big all around) but appreciate what she did for only $40 + shipping. 

I made the mistake of not taking a picture of the dress “before” alterations but take my word for it: the change is drastic.

This dress was re-done several months ago but I had completely forgotten about it until I was digging in my closet for fall clothes.

I really botched the dress with my request. I had asked the etsy artist to turn the dress (a sheath dress; below right) into something similar to the Nanette Lepore dress (with an A-line pleat skirt; below left). The end result was an ambivalent love child that was neither.

The lesson? Choose a local tailor/seamstress/artist and have realistic expectations.

The intended result / The original

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