Urban Outfitters Summer Sale

I am posting this really really long warning before these posts in the future because I am really annoying. OK, I love a great deal as much as the next girl but please think of at least five occasions to which you can wear this item. I have too many one-wear or no-wear pieces in my closet and while they were had at excellent prices, it’s not worth it. Think about it, if you buy 30 cheap pieces @ $10 a piece from F21 every month, in a year you have spent $3600 on some cheap clothes that you’ve worn only a handful of times. If you invest that money with a 5% annual return rate, in 20 years you’ll have $9,551.87. I know we have to account for inflation, but can you imagine spending almost 10 grand a year at Forever 21?!

 Extremely long post…I should first say that I was ready to check out when I pulled myself back because I only really liked four of the 10ish items I had in my cart. While UO offers a relatively painless returns process, it’s not really worth the trouble for me. Good luck! (I included some fillers at the end in case you decide to try to make the free shipping minimum).

Passed on this…it wasn’t easy.

Really reminiscent of the style that was vastly popular among tiny petites last year…but according to reviewers, this style got a major size inflation compared to last year’s style.

This Le Mont St. Michel skirt is on sale at La Garçonne for about 2.5 times as much.

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