ASOS 15% Off Full Priced Items

Use code AsosRetailMeNot at checkout for 15% off your full price purchase.

(An additional 10% off sale items code is still available – use EXTRATEN at checkout; I sent back a bunch of clothes from my previous order and will be reviewing the three that I am keeping next week)

I only ordered three items (this, this, and this) this time around but have all of the following in my saved items list to dwell over.

PayPal Conversion Rate as of Aug 19, 2011: 1 U.S. Dollar = 0.588909 British Pound; nearly no difference going from USD to GBP. Come on the US Dollar!

I have the Whistles Lorna Lace Dress in my cart right now and I want to check out so badly (the code can only be used ONCE, I have two accounts in the event that I need to place a second order) but it’s rather pricey!

I love the dress on the right but it’s no longer available in size 2, will be checking daily to see if size 2 becomes available again.

The middle dress is TDF but sizes 2-6 have sold out…this is on both my and Khatu’s wishlist so please let us know if you see it back in a small size.

I am intrigued by the knotted top at the right but size 2 is no longer available.

Can you get enough of black bow on a white blouse? I haven’t decided which of these three to order…I love the heart print in the middle.

Ordered the long pussybow blouse and the gray sleeveless one.

Loving these longer length skirts.

If you can believe it I haven’t ordered the pink scalloped skirt below. It’s in my “saved items” list waiting to be marked down further.

And I am loving the new arrivals – while they are not all exactly my style I really enjoyed reading through the magazine.

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