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I spent the better part of my late afternoon today re-reading one of my favorite blogs (the first I discovered and the gateway drug for future blog addicts, I suppose) over a bowl of ice cream (who am I kidding. It was a tub of ice cream…my idea of a good time). The true test of a good blog is that the content remains fresh and interesting even after a second, third, or (for me) maybe the fifth read. I really shouldn’t be asking recommendations for new blogs because I am doing a shotty job of commenting and keeping up with my current reading list but please leave me the link of a blog that you can read, re-read and read again without losing interest.

In re-reading one of her posts today I stumbled across a lookbook picture of the eponymous dress from more than a year ago (giving me ideas for how to wear it next)…which brings us back to topic…I finally got around to wearing/photographing the Ann Taylor Factory Crochet Dress that was vastly popular as a retail version and also popular when re-released in the factory stores.

I had relinquished and bought this year’s retail version (with bateau neckline instead of this V-neck; post here) but the regular size 0 was a poor fit on me unbelted so my mom found herself one dress richer.

This factory version fit me almost perfectly off the rack, the armholes were perfect and the bust fits beautifully. If I had a bone to pick with the fit I would say I would’ve preferred that the waist were slightly slimmer but with my long waist/unusual constitution this is as perfect as it gets.

And I apparently only know how to style crochet/lace dresses in one way because I wore my LOFT faux lace dress in the exact same way the first time I photographed it. I guess you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Give me some time though, surely I’ll figure something out. (I do want to highlight two bloggers who styled the $#&% out of this dress though – Cee and Callandra – if you own this dress or own a similar version of it you should definitely check out their blogs for inspiration).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

* note on the dress – it is totally a $!@*% move on my part to write a post on a dress that I am pretty sure is mostly sold out in stores but I have spotted them on *bay for about half price which I consider fairly reasonable. If you somehow changed your mind and want to buy this dress it’s not the end of the road. Though in reading Jean’s old posts today I wish I had heeded her recommendations earlier…reason#1 why reading archived posts can sometimes be heartbreaking.

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