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There has been quite a bit of buzz around Suddenlee since their launch on June 21st of this year. After a few unsuccessful trips to Zara, I decided to take a chance with Suddenlee. (Suddenlee is currently only available to residents of the Northeast.)

My overall experience with Suddenlee is very positive. I ordered over the long weekend so I didn’t get my order until today but if you place an order before 3PM during the week, Suddenlee guarantees next day delivery. They only charge you sales tax and a “service charge” which increases with the size of your order. I thought the fees were more than reasonable given how difficult it was to locate these items.

They found three of five items that I requested and I am so impressed by their system. All five items I had requested were sale items. I had looked for these same five items two weeks ago before the second markdowns had even been taken so I was skeptical of the possibility that the search would’ve yield anything at all. So you can imagine my surprise when I realized they had found the majority of the requested items (in the right size).

Package came via UPS and was well padded.

I love the Tiffany Blue wrapping paper.

Each item came with a corresponding receipt in the event you need to exchange or return for store credit (per Zara’s store policy). 

(you can’t really see the store names on the receipts but the stores from which my items came from overlapped with the stores I visited a few weeks ago in search of these items. So Suddenlee personnel must have more skills than I do.)

Items came in their individual Zara plastic shopping bags. 

One downside to online shopping is that you can’t examine the items before you checkout. And if you rely on store personnel at a fast fashion store like Zara to do the footwork for you, it’s inevitable that something might arrive damaged. I am not blaming Suddenlee for the this because it’s a manufacturing defect (I am looking at you, Zara’s quality control department.)

I contacted Suddenlee right away and Erica, a very friendly and speedy employee at Suddenlee, got back to me right away and said she’ll look into getting me a replacement. I’ll update the post when I hear from her and note the resolution.

And I thought I would end the post with a tutorial of how to order in the event that one of you also want to give this a try.

The ordering method is very intuitive, simply drag the “Add to Suddenlee” button to your Bookmarks Toolbar and you are ready to go. 

All you have to do is go to the product page of the item you are trying to order, click on the “Add to Suddenlee” button on your bookmarks toolbar and a little square box (shown below) will pop up, allowing you to input “price,” “size,”  “quantity,” and “Notes” (where you note of color or if you would be willing to accept a different size.)

And then just go back to Suddenlee to checkout. I think you can add up to two different brands without incurring an extra charge.


I noticed another damage on one of the other skirts I purchased. It wasn’t obvious to me until I looked closely. Looks like someone tore out part of the seams while trying it on…I really like this skirt so I am keeping it but be very careful if you order from Zara.

With regard to the other defective item, Suddenlee was very prompt in responding to my concern and quickly found me a replacement. The replacement is coming tomorrow.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. I am just sharing my experience with the service. I am not sure they even know I had a blog so the awesome service I received must just be a norm. 🙂

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