A (New) White Dress & a (New) White Skirt

White is the color of summer (for more than physiological reasons) and I can’t get enough of it. I spotted this dress at H&M ($24.95; also available in mustard yellow and lipstick red) last week and decided to take it home without trying it on.

In retrospect, it is always a good idea to try on things before you check out because I don’t think this dress is that flattering on me. I was thinking about doing another DIY project and make my own scallop hem (like this uber expensive Valentino dress) but the slight pleats in the skirt will probably make my DIY monumentally hard.

The second item up for debate is the Ann Taylor Petite Cotton/Linen Pencil Skirt. I love it in concept but having ordered via Store Finder, I paid more than what it was going for online (read Jean’s post and see how that happened) and in my local store. 

The fit is pretty good, I would consider it about the same size as a lot of my more recent AT purchases. Loose enough to tuck in blouses, has enough room for a big meal but stays on natural waist. I wish AT had given me a better sale price then I would not be conflicted right now.

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