30×30 Round-Up

I woke up yesterday and robotically made my way to the small pile of clothes wherein lie my 30-for-30 pieces only to realize that I had completed the challenge. I can’t say I was unhappy to finally be reunited with my full wardrobe but a small part of me thought: I can squeeze out at least another 30 outfits from the same 30 pieces (wishful thinking?).

I also can’t say that I feel deprived. As a person who lacks self control when it comes to shopping and someone who give in to her impulses too often, I still indulged my whims during this challenge even though we were recommended to observe a shopping ban. I wish I kept a list of items that I purchased during the ban but I don’t think I have enough room in this post for that laundry list. On that front I’ve failed this challenge completely but I guess in retrospect I was more conscious of my purchases than when I wasn’t doing the challenge.

On the victory front, no one irl even noticed that I was repeating the same pieces, which goes to show that you don’t really need to have a full-to-the-brim closet to not be a repeat offender. 

One thing I didn’t do well is that I incorporated a few pieces a lot, most of the pieces once and one piece not at all. This challenge, for me, should be called 29-for-30. If I had to do this challenge all over again I probably would’ve only included two pairs of shoes and added a few more tops. 

My favorite outfits are probably day 9 and day 10. My least favorite looks were 3, 5, 14, 17, 20 , 21, etc.

Thank you for all of your kind words while I was doing this challenge, they really mean a lot.

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