OOTD: H&M Gray Pencil Skirt

Are you someone who aspires to own clothing items in every color imaginable?

A few years ago I thought having a colorful handbag collection would brighten up my wardrobe more effectively than any other fashion accessory. More recently I decided that pencil skirts and shoes in every color of the rainbow would be more practical options for me (who lives out of her bag, so having to change bags isn’t a feasible task for everyday).

Top: LOFT Habutai Flutter Sleeve Tee – XXSP
Skirt: H&M Pencil Skirt – 2
Jacket: Theory Anorie Blazer – 00
Shoes: Rampage Peeptoe – 7

But a collector quickly realizes that the act of collecting is endless. When you’ve bought every color on the visible spectrum you realize that color isn’t the primary factor. Texture, adornment, label, length, pockets, and belt loops all become part of the equation at some point.

I digress but my point is: someone stop me from buying pencil skirts. I am out of control! But if you are looking for cheap work clothes, this particular skirt is currently in stores for $24,95, fits rather small (may require hemming if you are short-legged like me), comes with a belt, and is summer friendly.

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