ASOS Petite Exclusive Corset Body-Conscious Dress in Ivory

I had stalked this dress on and off for about a month and a half before a small size came back in stock. It had retailed for $80.69 and quickly sold out in the ivory color I am wearing here. I thought this would be a clear “win” but imagine my surprise when I tore open the package and found a wrinkly mess.

I did my best to unwrinkle this dress without rendering it unreturnable and gave it a shot. It’s almost as disappointing on me as it was fresh out of the package; it just didn’t flatter me as much as a dress of its price tag should.

Small shoulder pads that were simply weird on me. I thought the peplum flare would accentuate what little curves I had…but it actually fell short by a mile.

Now, maybe I should’ve ordered a size up but only the UK4 was available when it popped back in stock. I am wearing the Petite UK4/US0 (my normal size is Petite UK6/US2) but I take more issue with the construction than with the fit.

 And my photographer is still in training, we are working on it together! Of the 20ish that we took only about four weren’t completely out of focus or overexposed.

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