Work Outfits From Last Week

I only had time to take pictures of two outfits last week due to overwhelming laziness in the morning. I have been wearing these pants a lot in anticipation of nicer weather which will render them somewhat useless.

Shirt : J. Crew Factory size S
Pants: LOFT Petite Equestrian Wool Lean Trousers size 0P
Belt: J. Crew size S
Shoes: Colin Stuart size 7

And the other outfit incorporated one of my favorite pencil skirts, the lace H&M one that was well received by many petite bloggers. I previously wore it here.

Cardigan : LOFT Ruffle Front Cardigan size XXSP
Skirt: H&M Lace Pencil Skirt size 2
Shoes: Colin Stuart size 7

Notice that it looks a little different here. And no, it’s not just your eyes.

Two weeks while devouring a breakfast sandwich (loaded with ketchup, elle styled) I stained this H&M lace skirt with two large red spots. I dealt with the damage right away but just to be safe I also threw it into a mesh wash bag and washed it in the machine against the care tag warnings. To make matters worse I absentmindedly put it in the dryer as well and fried it for 40+ minutes on high heat. It was when I took it out that I realize I may have done irreversible damage.

So the skirt shrank quite a bit and also became less stiff (oops), I didn’t take good measurements pre-sandwich-incident but it’s a pretty significant shrinkage. My size 2 was larger than the one that other petites ended up with because of H&M manufacturing inconsistencies but is now about the same size but shorter. I am actually happier about the fit now since before I had to pull it over my lower rib because of the length…the skirt does seem “off” somehow after the dryer incident but I can’t put my finger on what it is.

Right out of the dryer it shrank nearly an inch across the waist (was barely 11 inches wide out of the dryer) and was merely 19.5 inches long (was 21.5 inches pre-dryer). Thankfully by the time this picture was taken it had relaxed a bit and stretched out to 11.75 inches wide and 20.5 inches long after three wears.

I really should take a class on how to properly wash things.

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