Sweet Deal of the Day: Sparkle & Fade Faux Shearling Moto Jacket

I am posting this really really long warning before these posts in the future because I am really annoying. OK, I love a great deal as much as the next girl but please think of at least five occasions to which you can wear this item. I have too many one-wear or no-wear pieces in my closet and while they were had at excellent prices, it’s not worth it. Think about it, if you buy 30 cheap pieces @ $10 a piece from F21 every month, in a year you have spent $3600 on some cheap clothes that you’ve worn only a handful of times. If you invest that money with a 5% annual return rate, in 20 years you’ll have $9,551.87. I know we have to account for inflation, but can you imagine spending almost 10 grand a year at Forever 21?!

Sparkle & Fade Faux Shearling Moto Jacket – originally $129, on sale for $9.99

One X-Small in stock. 

Shipping is $10. Free shipping if you spend $150 and more. Don’t forget to account for tax!

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