Sartorial Bucket List # 12.2 : (DIY) Scalloped Skirt

Over the weekend I decided to engage in a craft project. Now, I should say that chances are your attempts will turn out miles better than mine because I am (not even being modest about this) one of the least domestic/sewing oriented/DIY type of person.

I followed the tutorial posted by Here’s looking at me kid, which is a no-sew recipe intended for sewing know-nones like me.

The only modification I made to the instructions was that I traced the outline of the hem on cardboard before I drew it on the skirt. I  knew I wouldn’t be able to replicate half circles in a straight line so that’s the precaution I took to ensure that the hem isn’t sloped.

As you can see, the scallops are far from perfect. I am not the greatest “cutter” so the scallops are a bit wonky. It doesn’t look terrible from afar and thankfully I used a skirt that I haven’t worn in ages because it was too long for me.

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