How to Spend Your eBay Groupon

So I am sure by now everyone is armed with their respective eBay Groupon (if you missed this deal and need a referral link, here it is. You don’t have to sign up through my referral link to get to the deal). I think the first person I know to blog about it is Petite Mom so thank you!

(If you are having trouble purchasing the Groupon, let me know)

So…what to do with $15 worth of eBay credit?

The no-brainer is to hop on the scarf train, yes, the one that Cee found and everyone flocked to buy. But if scarfs aren’t your thing…no sweat because eBay has everything under the sun.

I love eBay for looking at “other people’s junk.” So that vintage necklace that someone’s grandmother gifted them or that aged Chanel with the supple lambskin (ok, so I am a little iffy about pre-owned but I do like to browse) Or, you can invest this Hello Kitty pillow.

Many retailers with an online presence can also be found on eBay…so that dress you’ve been eying at Karmaloop? on eBay. That book from on eBay. Shoes already discounted 85% on Smartbargains? on Ebay, Duh! winning!

Some petite favorites can be found on eBay for cheap…like this BB Dakota Herringford Jacket that Annie, Jen, other Jen, Liane, Kileen and I am sure many others have scored. Or this Banana Republic Fuschia Satin dress in 00P that is currently bidding at 99 cents.

And if you absolutely can’t find anything to buy on eBay, you can always resort to buying gift cards to your favorite retail store. That J. Crew skirt on final sale suddenly looks rather appealing with a gift card, doesn’t it?

This post may sound like an eBay plug, but I assure you it’s not. Aside from the Groupon referral link in the beginning I don’t stand to gain from anything mentioned here. But yes, I did convince my bf to buy a groupon as well! WIN!

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