H&M Spring Dress Collection Part I

I went a little crazy and got a bunch of lovely (imo anyway) but rather impractical dresses from H&M’s Spring collection.

The first dress is from H&M’s 2011 By Night Collection. It has layered scallop hem and a weird little one-shoulder thing. Boyfriend highly disapproved of this one and while I agree that it’s incredibly dramatic, it sure looks good hanging in my closet.

The size four fits me pretty well but it’s tight across my lower bust/upper ribcage area, for this to fit comfortably I would have to wear a backless bra.

 This next one is pretty much my new favorite dress, isn’t the draping simply gorgeous?

The size four actually fits me loosely and I can see myself going down a size without too much trouble so this dress runs slightly larger than you’d expect.

Part 2 coming soon. I have to go work on my PFC#6 post…I can’t believe I am doing the post on the day of the challenge!

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