Walgreens Merchandise Clearance – Various Goodies

No outfit pictures today because while I woke up early I spent hours doing laundry. sigh. At least they are done.

I do have something I wanted to share yesterday but I didn’t get around to posting it.

In my never ending quest to clean out the Valentine’s Day candy stock at local pharmacies (you are welcome, Rite Aid/Walgreens/CVS), I stumbled on yet another clearance sale. I think this deal may be regional but in my experience I think they could be a national thing. Walgreens is having a clearance sale (50-90% off) on various items throughout the store and they are marked by yellow sale tags that have the original price, the amount discounted and the final price. Makeup doesn’t look discounted yet but I did score some giant hair claws and lots of pantyhose/leggings. 

Odds and ends items were on sale so it’s fun if you have time to kill. It’s like a treasure hunt, except you have to pay money at checkout. I think every department had something on sale…though some were nearly discounted across the board (like pantyhose).

I know everyone’s objection to these hair claw things (my bf cringes when he sees them) but my hair is a huge mess so sometimes I rely on giant hair claws to tame them when I have no time. These hair claws are typically $1.29 but they are on sale for 32 cents. 

And lots of pantyhose and tights. I am a serial ripper of tights…though I try to trim my paws frequently. I have a pretty safe number of tights and pantyhose for work but a safe number is never enough when you are me. So I was ecstatic and bought about 10 new pairs to abuse and destroy. They are on sale for between 75 cents to $1.29.

I may hit up another Walgreens and try my luck there.

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