Saturday Shopping Trip : Forever 21 and H&M

I was determined to find the H&M trench dress that Extra Petite modeled earlier in the month and traveled to a distant H&M in search of it. The search turned up empty but I did end up with some unexpected purchases. 

I also went to the grand opening of a Forever 21 but I did not get a gift card (only the first 400 got one. The store opened at 10AM and when I arrived at 9AM the mall was jampacked from North to South with what must have been thousands of teenagers). I then decided to make my H&M trip first because wrestling 15-year-old girls for clothes isn’t really my forte. 

At H&M I found the knit blazer that is quite popular with petite ladies (see it on Alice, Petite Little Girl, Extra Petite and PetiteXXS). I picked up two in size 2 in navy (an extra for Megan). I originally wanted to get the peach color seen on Petite Little Girl but the color was ultimately not particularly flattering on me. I am debating exchanging the size 2 for size 4 since it is noticeably tight on my torso.

I don’t recall it being nearly as tight on me as it actually is when I was in the fitting room but I guess photos don’t lie.

I also picked up this next dress in a royal blue color even though I didn’t love it in the ad. This recycled fabric dress came in this royal blue color and also in a vibrant yellow. I am having second thoughts now because I really have too many dresses and even though this is only $19.99 I can’t see myself reaching for this more than twice.

I typically wear a size 4 in dresses at H&M but the size 2 seen here fits ok.

My first find from Forever 21 is this Miu Miu inspired pair of maryjanes. I first saw them on Friday after Kileen from Cute and Little tweeted two pictures of it. I fell in love but was sad to hear that it had sold out online.

For those of you who don’t frequent ginormous Forever 21’s it’s really quite an experience. This particular store was organized in an even more schizophrenic way than the four story one that I went to in Time Square and I attempted to browse clothes but failed miserably because the combination of loud club music and dizzying displays had a strobe light effect. I stumbled around for five minutes and decided to make a swift exit when I spotted a section near checkout that was isolated and only had accessories.

I picked up these filigree rings for $4.80 each. Similar versions can be found here and here

I also got the Shopping In Paris Charm necklace ($2.80) in both gold and silver  and the Pearlescent Heart necklace (bottom; also available in Jade/Gold) for $5.80.

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