Review : Joan & David Collection Women Hartman Cuff Ankle Bootie

I ordered these Joan & David Collection Women Hartman Cuff Ankle Bootie along with the OTK boots that I reviewed yesterday and wasn’t going to even post about them because they were so uncomfortable but since they are still in stock I thought I’d save some people the hassle of return postage.

They originally cost $240.95 so it’s expected that the packaging would be cute and that shoe pouches would be included. In that regard it did not disappoint but the rest was a huge flop for me.

My first complaint is the color – the picture from Amazon shows it to be a rosy pink color but in real life it’s more like dried blood red (graphic, I know). The booties are lighter in color in these photos they they appeared in real life.

Then there was the fit. Since I am in between sizes I ordered the larger size but this fit so small I was in pain the entire time the shoes were on me. They are at least a whole size (or two) smaller than my normal size. The shoe frame was also really really stiff and even if they were the right size I can’t see myself wearing them for more than a few minutes at a time (and this is coming from someone who has endured her fair share of pain caused by heels). I have bought shoes that cost a fifth as much as these that are more comfortable.

Amazon charges $4.99 to ship back these shoes but it’s a fee I am happy to pay to get rid of these really painful shoes.

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