OOTD: Bargain Hunter

I went to Rite Aid bright and early this morning, money in hand and ready to buy out whatever candy I can get my hands on. But I seem to have arrived too early because things hadn’t been marked down yet.

I did, however, discover some great deals on Chex Mix and Lay’s Stax. So an 8.75oz bag of Chex Mix usually retails for $2.99 but it’s on sale for 2/$3.00. And if you use your Rite Aid Wellness+ Card (free membership card) at checkout you’ll receive two $1 +UP Reward which can be used in a future purchase. The same deal can be had for Stax. So I essentially spent $6 on four full sized snacks and received four dollars back for future purchase. At 50 cents a bag, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

I know I know. The difference of a dollar or so isn’t a huge deal for most people, but I spend so much money annually on snacks (picky childish eater here) and any little bit helps. Considering I go through about five things of snacks weekly and spend an average of $15 a week on snacks, if I can take advantage of this deal every week I would only spend $2.50 a week. And that’s a $12.50 saving every week which amounts to $650 a year.

Anyone else a fan of discounted snacks? 🙂

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