OOTD: Pop of Red/Pants Countdown #2 of 8 + ModCloth Sale

I swear I own more than one pair of black pants…but when I rolled out of bed this morning the only pair that I was able to find was this. It’s a little too slouchy for work but I guess that’s what happens.

Can anyone recommend some black work pants that love big thighs and a comparatively smaller waist?

Jacket: Theory Gabe B.
Tank: H&M (same style as Kileen’s)
Pants: Necessary Objects
Shoes: Colin Stuart

I made my Ann Taylor returns yesterday and was proud I didn’t get talked into buying their Spring arrivals. But when I came home I accidentally saw Chloe’s ModCloth sale alert post and browsed for a bit. I had two things in my cart when I went to bed and promised myself if they are both still there in the morning I’d get them. Thankfully eager shoppers bought out the more expensive dress and I happily forked over the money for the cheaper one.

ModCloth has some creative names for their clothes. Misty Rose Dress? I’ll take one. The dress was $94.99, one sale for $27.99. With shipping ($7 flat rate), my total out of pocket was $34.99. I decided to return my ASOS Contrast Band Military Dress to make room for this one even though bf offered to pay for it. The size 2 is sold out online so if anyone wants it let me know before I send it back. 

This Million Dollar Smile Dress would have looked incredible hanging in my closet but I am starting to realize I have pink overload.

Did anyone else take advantage of the ModCloth sale?

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