OOTD: No Red or Pink This Valentine’s Day

I rolled out of bed half an hour later than usual this morning and was completely disoriented. For a second I thought it was Sunday all over again but when I realized that the weekend had ended I jolted awake. In my haste I picked up the first three items that I stumbled across on my way to the shower. I did get some pictures taken but wow was this a mess. I ended up removing the belt because it made me look pregnant. Sigh. I need to go to sleep earlier. 

I don’t particularly like Valentine’s Day (though I never refuse free chocolate) but I know there are others out there who rather enjoy it. So to those of you who do, happy Valentine’s Day. 

I am, however, a HUGE fan of the post-holiday chocolate clearance that follow all major commercialized holiday. I am counting down the hours before heart shaped chocolates can be had at 50% off.

Today’s items that I am parting with today are:

Old Navy Girls’ Turtleneck Sweater – Kids XL. I believe this was gifted to me a few years ago but I don’t really wear turtlenecks (only on occasion). This is brand new in bag. If you would like this please leave a comment below, you’ll have to foot shipping but it’s otherwise free.

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