OOTD: Mirror Mirror On The Wall & My Small Chanel Collection

If there’s one thing I learned since I started doing daily outfit photos, it’s that mirrors are deceptive. I often look at an outfit in the morning, deem it appropriate and went on my merry way but these outfit photos expose lethal flaws in the most brutally honest fashion.

Take today’s outfit for example, I thought it was of an appropriate length since I pulled down the tweed skirt to my lower waist but it’s not loose enough on me to do that and it kept riding up and in the distance between my camera and where I stood for the picture it had become inappropriately short. 

Thankfully I was able to change out of this outfit into something a little more reserved. Thank you, camera, you never lie.

And on Twitter I was asked to share a picture of my paltry Chanel collection. So here’s a picture of the bags that I currently own.

Pictured below are three WOC’s, one medallion tote, one older version of the cerf tote, the red jumbo I had posted about previously and a small wallet. I sold about four bags in the last year and a half and I recently asked a friend to help me sell one of the WOC’s since I plan to eventually get a new cerf tote for work.

I am happy with my current collection but do plan to get a new bag for work…though that probably won’t happen until next year.

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