OOTD: Laundry Day Is Friday

Today’s tidbit is that I ordered 72oz of laffy taffy online. Does anyone know a fool-proof dental protection plan that would ensure that I’ll remain cavity-free?

I found this skirt at the bottom of the drawer…I don’t think I’ve seen this skirt in years

And yikes, I went to H&M yesterday for the second time in two days to exchange the gold color for a navy one. I loved the gold but it was just not flattering on me. I called ahead and asked if there were any size 2’s or size 4s left because I picked up the last size 2 on Tuesday for Megan. Luckily a new one surfaced and I made a quick exchange without browsing further. 

I thought the dress fit ok but looking at these photos I think I need to go back and get the size 4 instead.  Note how I am spilling out of the dress in the back.

Extra Petite unknowingly enabled me and Megan in the pursuit of this dress, see her rock it here. A little steep for H&M at $39.95 but like she said, you can wear it anywhere!

A close up of what I mean by too tight:

Hi, I am Elle!

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