OOTD : Black (and) Gold

Today’s outfit features one of my favorite brands: Necessary Objects. I was first exposed to Necessary Objects because it WAS a Nordstrom juniors brand (they have unfortunately since been downgraded to TJMaxx and Amazon status).

I generally avoid the juniors section like the plague these days because I inevitably end up with some cute and well fitted pieces that turn out to be unwearable because of some kiddish detail that I overlooked while in the fitting room.

Necessary Objects has many basic pieces that are of good quality, fair pricing, and without excess flair. This dress in XS, for example, fits TINY but has a lot of stretch so that even a medium built petite like me can wear it comfortably. I think this dress would be best suited for someone a size down from me but it’s past the exchange period so I kept it.

Anyone else a Necessary Objects fan? I am aware that they occasionally have rather unattractive designs but I do like the basics.

Dress: Necessary Objects
Sash: J. Crew
Cardigan :  ASOS Premium Chain Detail Knitted Jacket

Today’s item to be passed on is this Teeze Me dress in juniors size 3. I don’t think I’ve ever worn this “out” but I do recall trying it on. Poor storage made this one super wrinkly, but again, nothing a good steam bath can’t cure. The guidelines are the same: pay shipping and it’s yours. Please leave a comment below so others can know it’s claimed.

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