It’s Already Here: Amazon Necessary Objects Review

I have to give Amazon credit for shipping an order this quickly. Bf has Amazon Prime and ordered for me and what should’ve been a two-day service only took one night to get here. Here’s the mediocre and the bad.

The Mediocre:  Necessary Objects Pleated Pant with Pockets

I got both the Chrome and the Black in size XS. The fit isn’t perfect but because I have so few “dress” pants I am keeping them. Giant waist gap but because I wear them lower on my hip it doesn’t bother me. Note that for some reason the black ones were a bit looser in the leg area than the chrome. This brand has inconsistent sizing even between colors.

Inseam turns out to be perfect on me because I have short-ish legs. Here’s a picture of me wearing them without heels:

With heels:

The Chrome:

The Bad: Necessary Objects Tweed Boyfriend Blazer 

I really wanted to love this but I just can’t get it to work for me. I know that boyfriend blazers are supposed to be slouchy and relaxed but I just can’t pull this off.

 Belting it didn’t help, maybe I am approaching this wrong.

This order is a pretty big flop but Amazon is offering free returns so I am not too bummed. I feel bad that I spoke so highly of Necessary Objects though – all the other dresses I have tried on ran so small!

I tried to get this review in as soon as possible in case anyone else ordered thinking they would be small. Sorry Ping, I owe you one! Maybe you can still cancel?

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