First OTK Boot Experience: Matisse Women’s Buccaneer Suede Tall Boot

I am late to this trend but I have been searching for a pair of high quality OTK (over the knee) boots for some time now and finally decided to take the plunge when I stumbled across these on Amazon. They were well reviewed on both Amazon and Endless (sold out on Endless and only available in select sizes on Amazon) and in spite of the $4.99 return shipping charge I ordered them anyway. 

They were rather easy to put on despite the fact that they are a snug fit on my bulkier calves (which waver between 13-13.5 inches, the difference is most significant after a long run). I personally like them but am not sure if I am just wearing the new purchases goggle which is known to cloud judgment.

So, barring an overwhelming expression of dislike from you all, I think these are keepers. Anyone else had luck with OTK boots?

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