Best Dim Sum In Flushing : Guang Zhou Restaurant (廣州酒家)

As of March 2011 Guang Zhou has closed its doors. You can read more about it here.

I go to Flushing, NY quite often because it’s only about an hour away by car. The Chinese food selection in Southwestern Connecticut leaves a lot to be desired so to satiate my cravings for authentic Chinese food I typically visit Flushing at least once a week.

One of my favorites in the morning is Guang Zhou Restaurant(廣州酒家). The restaurant gets really busy after 11AM so to avoid waiting I would usually arrive by 10AM. They serve Dim Sum in carts and have special dishes in trays carried by waiters who seem to always be in a rush. The dishes off their ordering menu are mediocre so I can only recommend this restaurant for Dim Sum.

And without further ado: the food. I didn’t take very many pictures because the later dishes were devoured before I can get my lens cap off.

And while wandering the streets of Flushing I found these “Purple Tomatoes.” I can’t decide if they are interesting or gross?

I am not very good about taking food pictures because I eat with people who have no patience when it comes to eating. They attack the food like animals. Plus my poor Nikon gets hit on average about a dozen times when I walk the streets of Flushing.

Pictures from a while ago but I keep forgetting to post.

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