ASOS PETITE Tailored Drummer Girl Tulip Dress

The bf is here this weekend so I won’t be able to spend any time blogging or reading blogs so I have scheduled a few ASOS reviews ahead of time to fill the void. 

I don’t want to support blatant plagiarism of designs but I just can’t justify spending $1895 on this gorgeous Halston Stretch-wool Epaulet dress knowing I’ll wear it maybe twice. I was ecstatic when I stumbled across this Tailored Drummer Girl Tulip Dress on ASOS because it was even better (in my opinion) with gold buttons.

(disclaimer: I know I said I’d stay away from ASOS indefinitely but I had to try this dress out and since I was already at it I added two other dresses that I wanted to try months before to the order)

I ended up with an UK size 4 (I am normally an UK size 6 but this one had enough stretch) and I would say I am happy with the fit but not crazy about the length. I looked online and the measurements that ASOS gave for the petite and regular length is the difference of one inch…which doesn’t seem like enough. The tulip skirt kind of cuts off my legs in an awkward way so I think I might try to get this hemmed 1/2-1 inch.

I ordered a total of three dresses in my most recent order and I am actually (sort of) happy with all of them. The material used for this dress is nice and thick unlike the flimsy construction I’ve seen previously in some ASOS garments.

The sideview’s not terrible either.

I am fairly certain this is a keeper and I think while a hem might make it look closer to the stock photo I don’t know if that would make it too inappropriate for events with a more serious tone.

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