Ann Taylor Extra 40% Off Finds

I held off on ordering the two tanks that Alterations Needed, Extra Petite, Really Petite (and a slew of other petites) found at the Ann Taylor outlet store because I can’t decide between the choice of colors offered. I did however take advantage of the sale and found some things in stores.

All in all I am happy with the prices but the sizing is a little off on some styles.

The most interesting find of my trip is this Petite Tropical Wool Elysian Jacket in Soft Pewter that must have been several seasons old (later confirmed when I looked up a post that Extra Petite did last year). It was originally $228, on sale for $69.99 and only ~$42 with 40% off. It was a 0P and while it was slightly big on me I don’t think it’s too bad. I really want to find the matching skirt (skirt seen on Extra Petite here) even though it may be too matchy matchy.

I also bought this Solid Merino V-Neck Cardigan, originally $78 on final sale for $24.88 and ~$14.93 after 40% off , in several colors because I am slowly rebuilding my cardigan collection after donating the bulk of my previous collection. I am wearing XSP here. I really like this and I wore it to work today and it’s really comfortable.

My should-have-been favorite find from my trips is this Tweed Atelier Cardigan that has been on my wishlist for many many weeks. It was $98, on sale for $54.99 and ~32.99 after the additional discount. I bought size XS as this was hanging lonesomely by itself. I love the design but I don’t love how it fits me.

I also picked up this Petite Silk Charmeuse Fitted Top in 2P. It is a lovely color and 91% silk. I think this is much more flattering irl than in pictures. I think if this were made into a dress I would be all over it. It’s hard to style this though…it doesn’t look exactly right tucked in but untucked looks even worse.

And this Petite Wool Sateen Jacket (on sale for $49.88, and less than $30 after the additional discount) in 0P was perhaps the best deal I found, the fit is loose but I can envision this getting a lot of wear in the Spring. It looks completely different on the model but I plan on wearing it differently anyway.

I also got the Tulle Bow Necklace, on sale for $49.99. After some thought I have decided to return it even though it’s cute.

I am not infatuated with any of the returnable items but there is room in my work wardrobe for them. I would appreciate any feedback on which should definitely be returned. I think after the feedback I got earlier about the tweed cardigan it is definitely going back.

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