Winter Peach : ASOS Petite Pleat Bust Hitch Hem Dress

One of my resolutions for the new year (and for life) is to spend less on clothes and I thought I was doing a good job…that is, until the packages started arriving.

I honestly forgot I placed these orders but the evidence of my shopping trespasses occupies a sizable corner of my closet. So for the next little while this blog will revolve around me deciding if I should keep these impulse buys.,

Most of the packages coming are from ASOS…I don’t even know why I keep ordering from them seeing as I am often not completely satisfied with the products. I just can’t resist their free shipping on all orders offer and I am holding onto this glimmer of hope that the clothes will arrive bearing some resemblance to what’s shown on the model.

Now, I know I have too many dresses so I don’t know what I was doing ordering this dress. But it’s been bookmarked on my computer for months now since it last sold out. It popped back in my size (Petite size 8) recently and I quickly add it to my cart thinking I got lucky (but one should always be suspicious of items that get returned). It looked marvelous on the model so when I opened the package I was a little confused. Did they send me the wrong dress?

They look nothing alike!?

There were these tiny laces at the hem and I gathered that I would have to tie them myself to achieve the look seen on the model.

End result? Big fail.

p.s. I don’t know what I was doing in that second picture but I look frog-like so just for laughs and giggles. 

Looks ok from the back but still not great.

So, dear petite friends and readers…keep or return?

Thanks everyone – I’ll be returning this. I think I was just in denial. 

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