When In Doubt, Belt + Elle Feeds Herself

I randomly came across this dress among a pile of shopping bags that I was in the process of clearing out (shopping problem much?). I think I got this on the same shopping trip as this dress. In any case, it’s one of few maxi dresses that I own.

Being petite I am constantly bombarded by fashion and women-centric magazines that tell me to dress for my shape (though petite is more of a height issue and less of a shape issue; read Kelly’s very thorough post here) and that maxi dresses are perhaps one of the biggest “do-not-do’s” when one is of a smaller stature. I guess in a moment of defiance (or sugar-induced buying binge) I picked this up without even trying it on.

The dress came with a thin little strap that was supposed to create a defined waist. I tried it with a sparkly belt (acquired in CA over the holidays) and a wider belt (came from an Anne Klein suit) to see if different belts would make a difference.

I thought the shoulder details were cute but from afar they sort of resemble dead birds that fell to their deaths on me.

So, maxi dresses. Do they work on me? I am donning three-inch heels in the pictures and the dress barely scrapes the floor. I envisioned myself in this dress wearing some straw thong flip flops but I guess that’s not happening.


I don’t think I’ve written a lot about my eating habits on this blog before but you don’t need to read more than a page to know that I eat a lot of junk. I eat out on average about two meals a day and I don’t cook very much (mostly out of laziness).

One thing I am good at is making waffles – though I am sure a six-year-old tall enough to reach kitchen cabinets can probably recreate what I am doing here. In any case, mmmm chocolate chip waffles (I don’t eat waffles or pancakes without chocolate chip – that’s like eating fries without ketchup. Sacrilege!).

The Cuisinart Waffle Maker that I got on Gilt is the best investment piece ever and yes, I stir my waffle mix using chopsticks.

My favorite brand of waffle mix – Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix. They are quite cheap – I think they are around $2. My least favorite brand of pancake and waffle mix is Bisquick.

Mini Nestle Real Semisweet chocolate chips. The key ingredient.

Best waffle maker ever, nonstick, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Takes 10 seconds to clean up. Truly a lazy person’s dream.

But be sure to spray it well with Pam!

Once the surface is hot enough (the beeper goes off), just pour the mix in and add a lot of chocolate chips. I was using regular sized chocolate chips but those burned because of their height and size.

A few minutes (5-8 depending on the level chosen), they are done! You have a sliding scale between 1-5 to choose from in terms of done-ness. I find 4 to be a pretty happy medium between crispy and blackened.

Add some powdered sugar and they are the perfect late-night snack. Especially on snowy nights like tonight.

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