Wear It Five Ways : Ann Taylor Polka Dot Cascading Ruffle Blouse

I made a major purchase recently so I am putting myself on a ban from casual browsing – there are simply too many temptations out there with retailers liquidating their leftover stock. I plan to be extra critical of my recent purchases too and make returns when necessary.

I bought this past season Ann Taylor black and white polka dot blouse from a fashionable blogger who is cleaning out her closet (items are all brand new too!). The sleeves fit really well (I am wearing an XSP here) and I wish AT would bring this back next Spring.

My only qualm about this? It’s so sheer! You wouldn’t have known from looking at the picture from AT.

I still love it though – I haven’t seen anything from AT lately that rivals this.

I have been afraid to try darker colored blouses because I have a lot of dark colored bottoms.Turns out they don’t look half bad and are relatively easy to style.

Have you tried anything new recently? 🙂


Need more inspiration? Check out my Australian enabler Meg’s blog. She is tres fashionable and will without a doubt pen a fabulous blog.

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