Two Tone Shoes and Strappy Tights

I had in the last few months started to look seriously at textured and printed tights – thanks to Jessy of The Little Dust Princess (see some of her incredibly unique tights here, here, here, and here).

I still have trouble forking over $15+ for a pair of tights with unique designs but was happy to give these (the ASOS Strapping Tights) a try at $8.62. The quality is mediocre but the design is so very cute; the tights really give an otherwise lifeless outfit some needed oomph. I already ripped these (thankfully in an area that can’t be seen) though I was careful putting them on. I do have long-ish nails but ASOS tights are not for those of us who aren’t very careful.

I also bought these Chanel-esque Tilly Toe Cap Boots for around $20 on ASOS (sold out since then). They are very cute and look nothing like anything else I have. I haven’t had a chance to walk around in them for an extended period of time but they are comfortable at first.

Even though I am on a browsing ban, feel free to share with me cute tights you have come across lately.

Happy MLK Day!


And for those of us in the U.S. who don’t have the luxury of getting Lay’s Ketchup Chips (the gas station convenience store version is not nearly as good), I recommend the Burger King Ketchup & Fries snack. It’s sort of sweet and salty (but not enough of either to really satiate the fries craving) but overwhelmingly blah. If I am stuck at the office and can’t grab an afternoon snack I have a bag of these ready.

A 5.5oz bag would usually set you back about $2.19 but I got these on sale from Rite Aid this week for only $0.97. I love Rite Aid and Walgreen’s because they always discount my favorite snacks – I estimate saving about 50% off retail on an annual basis.

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