Talbots Take Two + Scarf Ring Giveaway

Giveaway Closed, Winner Announced.

My last post about Talbots had a rather ominous tone to it so I am glad that I have a chance to maybe reverse that impression.

I don’t have a Talbots close by to have the convenience of trying on items before purchasing so my last (and first) purchase was disappointing (post here). Over the weekend while traveling I happened upon a rather large Talbots and thought I would do the store justice and just go in to see if I can find anything. 

And I did, to my surprise (breaking my browsing ban AGAIN and even made a purchase). I think I made the mistake of ordering more structured pieces in my online order when I should’ve just played it safe and gotten knits. You’ll notice that I wore Talbots cardigans in my two of my previous outfit posts, I like my cardigans to fit looser rather than tighter so the size P was perfect for my preference

So I ended up with four Gold Button Cardigans (See it on Shopping with M) – I have been searching for quality cardigans for some time now so I am not too bummed about buying them. I can finally donate my old cardigans that have pill’ed up a storm.

Here is how Talbots cardigans (the second from the bottom) compare with Banana Republic’s XS (the one all the way at the bottom), LOFT’s XXSP(the dusty pink one on top) and LOFT’s XSP (the second from the top). They are, in true Talbots fashion, much bigger than the petite sizes in LOFT but I do think the are really well made and the fit isn’t too far off.

I also found this Talbots ruffled tweed sheath (See the same dress on Cardiganista here) on sale for really cheap (originally $169…on sale for ~$25). The 2P was a bit big for me but I have been lusting after tweed sheaths after seeing the BR ones on the AN Forum (So far seen on PAG, Aubrey, Really Petite, and several others) so I think I’ll get this altered.

This particular store did not have any 0P so I wasn’t able to gauge the fit of other pieces. The 2p that I tried on in several styles fit about the same as the 0P that I ordered.

I also found these super adorable scarf rings on sale. I don’t know why anyone would spend $19 on them but for less than $5 they were a steal. I got an extra to give away because I need some ideas for how to use them! So, for this very humble “prize”, what you have to do is just leave a comment below suggesting ways for me to use it. If you left a comment and I accidentally picked you using random.org I would really appreciate it if you can play with it for a little bit and tell me if you figure something out. I’ll do the same. 

Talbots’ 50% off sale is still going strong – I plan to order this incredibly beautiful Flower Station Chain & Bead Ribbon Necklace (No more random purchases! I guess I’ll just have to live without it)using the code (024840756) that Bianca posted on her blog.

p.s. Talbots charges a $6 flat rate to ship OOS items online from their regular stores, you do have to find out from their online chat service which stores have your item in stock (and then you have to call the stores yourself to order; I had to call three stores before finding one that had what I wanted in stock so their central system isn’t as updated as I thought). But it is rather convenient and the customer service representatives are nice.

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