Stella McCartney for Target Part I

I had written a short novel chronicling how I came to own these pieces but I unexpectedly lost the bulk of my story and just can’t bring myself to re-write it as that moment has passed. For the sake for clarity I decided to just number the major points.

1. In October 2010 I posted on the Alterations Needed Forum’s Items Request thread hoping an Australian petite can help me pick up a few pieces from the Stella McCartney for Target collection (their second collaboration).
2. Megan, an active member on ANF, offered to help me out but I subsequently realized that the price points were too high for my budget.
3. Megan, being her ever-so-helpful self, offered to check on Target for me from time to time in case this collection ever goes on sale.
4. Things eventually went on sale and Megan contacted me one day (about two months after the collection launched) to tell me that the collection has gone on serious sale and picked up more pieces than I ever imagined was possible.
5. Two weeks later I received a package in the mail with my beautiful Stella McCartney for Target clothes on the inside.
6. Moral of the Story: I love this petite community.

Megan recently started her own blog, Miss Modern Classic. She is extremely witty, is the master of random trivia and has an incredible sense of humor (I have burst out laughing in the middle of the night during one of our marathon gchat sessions that drew horrified looks from the bf). She is one of the taller petites standing at 5’3 and our taste is somewhat similar in that we both like feminine pieces (except she doesn’t dress like a kid, which I am sometimes guilty of).

I had to break this “reveal” up into two posts because the lighting in my basement is quite awful so some pictures turned out poorly.

This first half happened to contain two of my favorite pieces that Megan helped me acquire: the Lace Dress in black and the lace top in french blue. This collection runs fairly small – the AUS6 which I am wearing in the pictures is comparable to H&M size 2 and 4’s.


And look what I found while reading the January 2011 ASOS Magazine.

This ASOS Embroidered Flower Chiffon dress immediately reminded me of a beautiful pale blue dress from the Chanel Spring 2010 collection.

Source: ASOS Magazine, January 2011 Issue

The comparison picture. I prefer the blue but the cream isn’t too shabby either.

Source: Alexa Chung in Chanel (via Alexa Chung ID’ed) ; ASOS Embroidered Flower Chiffon Dress

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