Sartorial Bucket List # 4 : The Perfect Red Pencil Skirt

I had at various points in the last month been hinting at a specific list of sartorial pursuits that would complete my existing closet. Barring excellent deals that would inevitably surface in the new year, I will be attempting to adhere to this list when browsing online.

I recently crossed off #4 from my list: a red pencil skirt. Now, I really wanted the red Valentino one that Anh sports but for my purposes I think this Ann Taylor Wool Doubleweave Skirt in Maraschino Red would do just fine. The 00p in Ann Taylor isn’t slim enough for many thin petites but generally fits me decently.

Work appropriate…

Date appropriate (Christina, the Charlotte Russe rosette corset has hooks in the front, not zippers. I tried to get a picture of the row of hook closures in the front – second picture – but I don’t know if you can see)

The skirt sold out last week but is popping back up online in some sizes. Last time I checked the skirt is available in 00R so those of you with longer legs can probably make it work.

Here are some pictures of measurements and whatnot. It’s the same size as my other AT skirts but doesn’t have much stretch.

The skirt measures a bit under 12.5 inches wide at the waist and almost 21 inches long (shorter than the H&M skirt that many petites love)

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