OOTD: La Vie En Rose

Who is excited about another winter storm wreaking havoc on the eastern seaboard? I am not trying to make light of a serious impending storm but darn it, this winter has been entirely schizophrenic.

Pretty flurry snow turned into violent howling storms without warning. And then the storm suddenly stops and the sun comes out but the temperature drops? Enough already!

And enough of my rants about the weather (I thought I had seen it all going to school in New Hampshire – which can be frightening cold and miserable. But I also went to school with a bunch of lovable crazies who play frisbee without shirts in the snow). Today’s outfit is inspired by Petite Little Girl’s entry for the fifth ever Petite Fashion Challenge. Doesn’t pink make everything just a little happier?

Bodysuit: Newport News

Skirt: H&M

Jacket: Free People

And a video about a teddy bear…I mean sleeping puppy named Fozzie.

Happy Hump Day!

Hi, I am Elle!

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